Your Local Taxi Rank

Your local Leicester taxi rank

Are you planning a great night out? Or perhaps you’ve just had one and all you need now is a reliable taxi service to get you home in one piece? Whether you’re heading somewhere special or just need to get home and put your feet up after dancing the night away, Kirby Taxis are your local Leicester taxi rank to choose.

When on the hunt for a taxi rank Leicester party goers know that it always pays to choose a firm which is reputable and safe. And when you can’t book ahead, instead of scouring the streets for a taxi rank or passing cab to get you home, why not call a company that you know you can trust?

Looking for a taxi rank nearby?

Sometimes when looking for a taxi rank nearby, there might not be one for miles. Or we’ve all been in the situation where it’s kicking out time in the clubs and pubs and the queues at the taxi rank are endless.

Instead of risking the walk home, or worse, hitching a ride, carry our number with you, or programme it into your phone, so that you know you’ll always have someone to call to get you where you need to go.

We have a wide variety of vehicles, which means that not only can we cater for most group sizes, but we keep an eye on the health of our cars to ensure our drivers have vehicles which are working safely and reliably at all times.

Leicester taxi

The convenience of our taxi service doesn’t only apply to Leicester late night revellers either.

Whether your car’s in the garage and you need a lift home from work, you’ve just done a big shop and can’t face taking the bus, or for any other reason why you need a car or minibus to get you somewhere, we can help.

We also offer trips further afield, such as to the airport when you’re heading off on or getting back from a great holiday, or a big event in another part of the country.

And here are a few reasons why we’re up there with the best of them:

  • Clean and comfortable ride
  • Range of vehicles that come fully serviced and MOT’d
  • Safe and professional drivers
  • Thorough knowledge of the roads in and around Leicestershire
  • A friendly and helpful service
  • Less worry and stress about getting where you need to go
  • Best possible prices
  • We know the safest pick up points in and around Leicester
  • Group bookings available
  • A Leicester taxi rank you can rely on

Local taxi rank

When you’re looking for a taxi driver you can trust to get you where you need to be safely, comfortably and on time, get in touch with Kirby Taxis.

We can offer a Leicester taxi rank service that goes above and beyond when it comes to a professional and reliable service for all our customers.

So, whether you’ve had a night on the town, trip to the shops, or you’re planning something great that’s yet to come, get your booking in with Kirby Taxis today.

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