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How to pick the perfect taxi company

How to pick the perfect taxi company

When you want to be somewhere in comfort and style, booking a taxi in Leicester is a great way to go about it. But, when you make your choice, it’s important to go for a taxi firm which can also guarantee you the best levels of service every time. So how do you pick the […]

Romantic things to do in leicester

12 Romantic things to do in Leicester

It won’t be long before the weather starts heating up once more and with that comes an even greater chance for loved up couples to get out and enjoy the many romantic things to do in Leicester. There’s certainly plenty of love in the air with many of our Leicester taxi customers taking the chance […]


Top 7 fun things to do in Leicester

Leicester City was always great, but, since the turn of the century, it seems to have grown bigger and better than ever before! So many new developments and attractions have popped up in the last 20 years to make the county really stand out as the go to destination for people of all ages. As […]

Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers

Vulnerable Passenger Safeguarding Accredited

The issues of Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking are horrific crimes which have been brought to light more and more in recent years all over the UK. As members of the community, we all have a duty to tackle this problem and protect those who are vulnerable or being exploited, by identifying and helping […]

Your Local Taxi Rank

Your local Leicester taxi rank

Are you planning a great night out? Or perhaps you’ve just had one and all you need now is a reliable taxi service to get you home in one piece? Whether you’re heading somewhere special or just need to get home and put your feet up after dancing the night away, Kirby Taxis are your […]

The Benefits Of Opening A Commercial Taxi Account 

Do you need to make regular use of a reliable and professional taxi service? Perhaps the nature of your business means customers, clients and colleagues often require transport around the UK, but using your own car to do it isn’t an option. If you are a registered business, then you could save yourself plenty of […]

Taxi From Leicester To Heathrow 

When something important is on the cards, such as a holiday or special trip away, we all know that getting yourself off to a good start is the way to set yourself up for the best possible time. So, whether you’re off on a ski holiday or getting some much needed winter sun, instead of […]

Have You Booked Your Christmas Taxi?

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only days away and if you’re planning to visit friends and family over this festive time, then why bother with the hassle of driving? At this time of year, many people choose to use taxis to get about, as it means that they can relax, unwind and enjoy […]

8 Seater Taxi Leicester 

When you have a special event to get to, whether it’s in Leicestershire, or anywhere else across the country, if there are a few of you going, it can often pay to get a larger taxi and split the cost more ways. And this is not to mention the fact that travelling with your friends […]