Safeguarding Vulnerable Passengers

Vulnerable Passenger Safeguarding Accredited

The issues of Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking are horrific crimes which have been brought to light more and more in recent years all over the UK.

As members of the community, we all have a duty to tackle this problem and protect those who are vulnerable or being exploited, by identifying and helping to bring the ones responsible to justice.

Following Good Safeguarding Practices can hinder those who are committing the crimes and as such, help towards reducing the numbers of those affected.

Because we place such importance on keeping our customers safe at Kirby Taxis, our staff recently took part in a vulnerable passenger safeguarding course which helped illustrate even further how to look after passengers and act in a professional manner.

Good practices with regard to safeguarding vulnerable passengers include the following ten examples:

  • Being prepared by checking at the point of booking if there are any vulnerability issues.
  • Ask the person booking if an escort for the vulnerable passenger is required.
  • Keeping a record of the time and place where the vulnerable passenger was collected and anything of significance that occurred on the journey.
  • Be professional – try not to be over-friendly or talk about personal issues and don’t exchange personal information.
  • Avoid swearing or aggressive behaviour.
  • Do not touch passengers and never accept inappropriate offers instead of payment.
  • Make sure you are carrying ID.
  • Sit lone passengers in the back unless otherwise agreed.
  • Ask the passenger before changing a route to make it more direct and give the passenger (or person booking) a choice of route.
  • NEVER double up on a booking – even if passengers are travelling in a similar direction – this could make a passenger feel uncomfortable.

Who to contact

Many of the issues above, of course, go without saying. And at Kirby Taxis, we have long held the belief that offering a good Leicester taxi service to our customers is about much more than just getting someone from A to B.

Not only are our drivers safe and responsible, with an excellent awareness of the roads, but they take great pride in offering a professional and helpful service, which will ensure our customers get comfortably to wherever they need to go.

If you think you have identified someone who is vulnerable and / or the victim of exploitation:

  • Phone 999: Police emergency number if you believe that the risk is imminent / an assault has happened or is likely to.
  • Record and report concerns to the police by calling 101 and / or the safeguarding services if a child or vulnerable adult is involved.
  • Phone Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111.

We offer a range of taxi services both in and around Leicester, further afield to special events in other counties, or for airport taxi runs all over the UK.

And, whether we have a vulnerable, young, or single passenger, whatever the booking, our customers can rest assured that they will receive the highest standards of professional service.

For further information about the reliable, safe and secure taxi service that we provide, get in touch with us today or book now.

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