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Why should you get a taxi to the airport with us in 2018?

So, have you planned an amazing holiday for this year yet? If so, doubtless you’ll be getting massively excited and making plans already – from what you’ll wear, to the things you’ll see and do.

Nothing beats a great holiday and, when you’re flying to an amazing destination, the best way to kick it off in style is by having the trip to the airport all taken care of.

So, why should you get an airport taxi with us in 2018? Let’s start with the general advantages of getting a taxi to any UK airport.

The main one has to be that there are no worries – about a thing. From how you’ll get there, find car parking, get from the car park to departures and whether you’ll get checked in on time, to facing a horrible drive to start your holiday, none of it should be an issue. So that means less stress.

Advantages to booking a taxi to the airport

When you book a reliable Leicester taxi firm, such as Kirby Taxis to take you to the airport, you can be sure you’ll be there on time and dropped of in comfort directly at the door, whatever time of day it is.

Also, not only will the driving be taken care of, but we will have checked the route before you travel by looking at the latest traffic news to ensure there will be no hold ups along the way.

Hate the M25 or M6? Quite often, we’re not huge fans of them either. Especially when they do a very convincing impression of a car park.

That’s why we know all the best ways to get around any delays to pretty much guarantee you will be where you need to be, on time.

Here are a few pointers on what to expect from getting Kirby Taxis to take you to the airport:

  • A clean and comfortable journey in a well kept and well maintained car.
  • You’ll be safe with our highly professional, polite, friendly and competent drivers.
  • Enjoy a private travel experience, instead of the joys of unreliable and often crowded public transport.
  • Your flights monitored – if it’s delayed, we will make you aware, so there will be no unnecessary waiting around at the airport.
  • You’ll have plenty of space for you and your luggage, whatever size of group you’re travelling in – so stretch out and enjoy the start of your holiday or trip away.
  • No need to impose on friends or family members to beg a lift.
  • Affordable and realistic travel fares, with a saving on the cost of airport car parking.

The multitude of airports Kirby Taxis can take you to

When it comes to fun things Leicester has bucket loads of it in abundance and we love taking our passengers out and about within our awesome county. It’s also a great feeling to be able to take people to and from the airport and enjoy hearing them fizz with excitement about the time they’ll be having, or have had.

At Kirby Taxis, our experienced and friendly drivers are pleased to take you to airports all over England. These include the following:

Reserve and book a taxi today with Kirby Taxis and take the stress out of getting to the airport, whether it’s for an amazing holiday, business trip or other reason to travel. Get in touch with us to reserve your taxi and make sure you will get to the airport in style.

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